Meeting 5/13 Announcement

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For the May meeting tomorrow, we will be attempting our first ever digital meeting. Format will largely be the same as our in person meetings, but you’ll have to pour your own drinks!

The meeting will be live streamed here on the website for you to watch…

FRV Live

You may have to refresh the page or hit the “play” button on the video player. We will start streaming as close to 7PM as we can. Please note that there will be a 10-20 second delay. The recording will be made available for 30-45 days.

Please consider donating $5 as you would at the door for typical in-person meetings. There are costs associated with hosting the meeting even when not paying for a physical space. A PayPal button is available on the page linked above.

We are also looking to potentially run a 50/50 raffle and will share those details assuming we’re able to determine a way to do so.

If you have any questions for Dan or for our guest speaker, Kevin, please either use the forum or email the question to if you’re unable to access the forum.

FRV May Meeting – Kevin Pishke – Live Q&A

Thank you in advance for your patience as we try this out!

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