Thank you for your interest in our club! We look forward to meeting you and your participation in our club meetings and events. You can sign up as a member online or using a paper application.

Online Application

Online registration is done through the Muskies, Inc. website HERE (<– click!). Please be sure to indicate Chapter 39 so that you’re added to our roster. This will allow you to pay online for your membership and will not have to print anything out to submit. When your application is processed, MI will reach out to you and you’ll be able to log in at to print off your membership card.

Paper Application

If you prefer to print off the application, you can do that as well. There are two versions of the application:

The PDF version can be downloaded HERE (<– click). You’ll need to print the document, fill it out by hand and then submit via mail or at a meeting along with your dues.

If your handwriting leaves something to be desired, you might want to download the MS Word version HERE (<–click). Using this version will allow you to fill out the document on your computer before printing it.

To submit your application offline, you’ll need to mail it to:

Frank Lucido, FRV Membership Director
309 Ela Rd.
Inverness, IL 60067

or visit Frank at the next club meeting.