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As we’re all painfully aware, the FRV website has had some challenges with being hacked recently. As part of the effort to address this, we have moved to a new hosting provider that will help manage some things for us (namely keeping the software up to date). The site you’re on now is the newly migrated FRV site that went live this morning. There are minor changes, but overall, should look rather familiar.

During the move, the old forum was presenting several issues and at this time we have not been able to migrate it to the new server. As a result, we will have to survive without a forum for a little while. We considered leaving the old site up a bit longer as we exhaust our efforts on retaining the old forum, however the fact that the old site was serving malware to all visitors forced our hand into immediately taking action. We do realize how important the forum is to our club as it’s the most active form of communication we have with members.

We have a new forum that we’re testing out and will roll out to everyone as soon as we’re confident that it’s a suitable replacement. When this is ready, we’ll post here again with information on what you’ll need to do. At this time, we expect that everyone will need to register fresh in the new solution.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to post comments under this post and we’ll review/reply as soon as we’re able.

We appreciate your patience while we do everything we can to address these issues.

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      Plan is to have it back up early next week. Over the weekend, we’re populating the new forum to get it started. I’ll post some instructions on how to register and at the meeting will help anyone who needs it or has questions about the new platform.

  3. Blake,
    Thanks for all your hard work on getting the new site up & running as well as launching the new forum!! As we all know, this isn’t your full time gig so kudos to you for balancing work and family to get this done!! We appreciate it!

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    Thanks, Rich! Should have the forum “live” sometime today and available for registration. The BOD has been doing some testing and making sure we have everything we need to make sure we set expectations appropriately. There will be some things we all want missing to start, but we’ll get there. Regardless, we’ll have a starting point for being able to interact in a forum once again.

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