FRV Multi-Species Contest Rules

2017 Multi- Species Rules

1. You must be a member in good standing of both Muskies, Inc. and the FRV Chapter.
2. Fish entered into the contest must meet the following length minimum.

Muskie 30” (Must be entered into Lunge Log)
Northern Pike 26”
Walleye 20”
Largemouth Bass 18”
Smallmouth Bass 16”

3. Contestants must enclose a picture of him/her holding or releasing the entered fish. If picture is not available, the catch must be witnessed with a phone number of the witness being included on the entry form. Entry will not count unless this information is included. All picture become eligible for the FRV photo contest.
4. All entries must be mailed or turned into the Contest Chairman within 30 days of catch.
5. Entries must be hooked & played by the person entering the fish. All fish must meet state rules & regulations where caught.
6. Points will be awarded according to a formula established by the Contest Chairman. Points will be assigned based on length of fish and record of state in which it was caught. Measurements should be taken and recorded to the nearest ¼ inch.
7. Muskie entries must be submitted through Muskies Inc.’s Lunge Log.
8. All entries will be reviewed by the Contest Chairman.
9. All entries must be accompanied with a photo of your catch. Your entry will not count and points will not be awarded, if a photo is NOT included with this completed entry form. Photos can be returned if stated on the release form.

Aggregate Division: Your best 2-point fish of each species. A maximum of 5 fish will be counted towards your point total. We will take the best 5 fish entered if more than 5 fish are entered. The club champion will be awarded in this division. All club members will be competing for the club championship. Awards will be given to the top 5 places.
Women’s’ Division: Same rules apply as stated above. Awards will be given to the top 5 places. One fish entered must be something other than a musky.
Juniors Division: Any fresh water species of fish are eligible. (Carp, Catfish, Bluegills, etc.) All Minors of FRV Members are eligible for the Multi-Species Contest.
Best Of Species: An award will be given to member who catch the largest, Pike, Walleye, SM Bass, LM Bass and Muskie.

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