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Our club thrives on our common interest in musky fishing and our charitable efforts. While our hope is that everyone participates and supports the club because of the intrinsic value it provides, the Board of Directors has decided to experiment with two (2) incentive programs to encourage more participation both online and at our events/meetings. The details of these programs are detailed below. Please reach out if there are questions or suggestions. The programs will run until it appears they no longer provide impact into the level of participation and we reserve the right to alter the program as necessary to make it successful.

FRV Online Participation Incentive (monthly)
Goal: to increase participation of membership between meetings via our website/forum and to increase attendance at meetings
Prize: 3-5 baits awarded via raffle at our monthly meetings (subject to change pending the level of participation during a given month)
    • Forum participation
      • 1 ticket per 3 “quality” posts
        • “Quality” will be at the discretion of the Website Director and generally means the post constructively contributes to the conversation (something more than “Nice fish” on a fishing report, lively discussion/debate is fine, but tickets will not be awarded for negativity…the point is for engaging in civil and constructive dialog)
      • 3 tickets per fishing report posted, 5 if pictures are included, 8 if video is included
      • 10 tickets per article that is written and posted to the website
        • Write a summary of an outing hosted by FRV , a fishing related story, anything you think people would be interested to read that’s applicable to the club and our membership.
        • Articles should be edited within reason and ready to post, though FRV reserves the right to make minor adjustments to spelling/grammar if necessary (significant changes will be discussed with the author before posting).
        • Articles will be posted at the discretion of the Website Director. Please contact the Website Director to confirm your article topic would be considered for the website and does not duplicate something already being drafted.
      • Please note that you can also post comments to any article/post on the site (including this one). These will be considered participation and will be awarded tickets similarly to what is outlined above. Comments outside of the forum currently require an admin approval before they are shown on the website. Please be patient as we review and complete the approval process.
    • Tickets earned will be awarded at the next club meeting and will be honored only at that meeting. You must be present to win. Anything earned during our off months of June, July and August will be awarded in September. Please note: this is being announced 8/23/18 and we will retroactively award tickets to anyone with eligible posts 6/1/18 or later.
    • Drawing for participation will be separate from the normal meeting raffles.
    • Board members are not eligible to participate.
FRV Volunteering Incentive Program (yearly)
Goal: to increase participation/volunteering at FRV events
Prize: Prize TBD, but will be a larger value
    • FRV event participation;
      • Tickets will be awarded for actively participating at FRV events.
      • Meetings – help at the door, selling raffle tickets, assisting Frank at Membership, Hugh at Merch, welcoming new members and introducing them to people, etc.
      • Banquet – help set up, help tear down, assist with handing out packets, etc.
      • Volunteer – show up at any volunteering opportunity and participate, work the booth at a show, help setup/tear down at a show, guide at a One Hope event, etc.
    • Entries to the drawing will be awarded based on the participation and relative effort involved.
    • Ensure the board member helping coordinate the event you’re at reports to the Website Director that you participated in order to ensure your entry to the drawing.
    • Drawing will occur at the Annual Awards and Fundraising Banquet (typically held in March).
    • You do NOT have to be present to win this drawing.
    • Board members are not eligible to participate.

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    The FRV Online Participation Incentive program is being cancelled due to no increase in activity in the forum. We are now exploring alternatives to the forum as it appears to have completely run its course.

    The program for volunteering will be continued as there are people signed up to help with the various shows this winter and those helping at meetings. Please talk to a board member if you’d like to pitch in!

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