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    June 12, 2017 at 5:33 pm #2189'muskietime

    Greenhorn,  I do a lot of fishing and keep a couple of outstanding telescopic fishing rods in a saddlebag on my Harley.  Rod collapses to 17″, is extremely sensitive, has a fast tip and a tough backbone.  Land literally hundreds of largemouth bass on these rods.  Smallmouth bass are also no problem.  Not stiff enough for heavy hooksetting so don’t try pitching 3/8 oz. bass jigs in heavy cover with them.  They are made in Germany, cost approx. $75 each (come with a rod sleeve and tip & guide guard).  Can only get them online at  They are called Edition IM-12 Mini Spin Telescopic Fishing Rods.  For pinpoint accuracy choose the 5′ 10″ length.  I do have the 6′ 9″ rods as well but I almost always go back to the shorter rod length as it seems the shorter rod is more sensitive and balanced perhaps due to the lightweight carbon fiber Shimano reels I use.

    Notes: I usually stop at Corens Rod and Reel on Nina Avenue in Chicago to put a stronger rod tip on but that’s just because I fish a lot and the tip does take a lot of load over time.

    Also, may I suggest the best reel for this setup?: Shimano Stradic CI4+ in the 1000 size spooled with 10# Berkley Nanofil (white so you can see the line at all time) with about 6′ of 8 lb. fluorocarbon line tied to the end using the FG knot (using 40 wraps rather than the usual 30 wraps).  This combination will easily cast a 1/4 oz. lure (such as a Joe’s Flies Elite Series in Royal Coachman color or a ZMan Finesse Shroomz in 1/15 oz. with a ZMan Finesse T.R.D.  (green pumpkin) or a Yamamoto 3″ FAT Senko texas-rigged with a 1/0 Gamakatsu Offset EWG worm hook.  This last weekend I was on a float tube river fishing smallmouth bass and was using up to a 3/8oz spinnerbait.  Not crazy confident on the hooksetting ability of the spinnerbait but it does get the job done.  The setup cast the lure with pinpoint accuracy and got down quickly in the fast current.

    The reason I like this Shimano reel above all others is a) it is smooth as butter and you can never feel the reel as you crank it, b) it is saltwater resistant, c) it can handle being submerged should you choose to take it when wading or float tubing, d) it is feather light.

    Wishing you the very best on your new job/career.

    Feel free to reach out to  me with any questions.