Trailer Wiring Question

    • May 30, 2017 at 3:51 pm #2183

      I’ve never rewired anything, but giving it a try on my trailer as everything I watched and read seemed relatively straight forward. Came up with a question though.

      I need to replace the driver side tail lights on my trailer (I’ll probably replace both since I have replacements for both, but my question is specific to the drive side). The trailer is over 80″, so it has the middle light I need to deal with. The trailer lights came rigged with molded plugs and my replacement lights don’t have this. I believe I can just splice the molded plug onto the new unit, but not sure how do deal with the ground wire. The old light didn’t have the ground connected to the mounting bolt. The center light wires run out of this side, so I’m not sure if that impacts the best way to install the new light. Those wires all run into the plug currently.

      Another question, I’m planning to use the heat shrink butt connectors that were provided with the new lights and then paint over that with liquid electrical tape. Anyone have better ways to do this or opinions on the “right way” to make sure the connection is waterproof?

      I’ll post some pictures of everything later as it will help explain my main question.

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