Starting Position Update #5

    • May 3, 2016 at 10:17 am #1324'Dan Koniewicz

      We are now up to 55 boats.   If you have a TBD next to your name can you please drop me an email at with your partners name.  PLEASE.

      Also, the price for the event has now increased to $220.00 as of May 1st.

      Tournament packets have been mailed out as of this morning to the 55 boats registered.  Please get your liability forms back to me ASAP.

      If you have any questions, give me a call at 847-682-9238.



      2016 Tournament Entry List
      Boat # Name 1 Name 2 Boat # Name 1 Name 2
      1 Dave Klop Joe Klop 31 Phil Gutmann Sam Wilson
      2 Ken Sponseller Dan Lamkin 32 Ron Haynes TBD
      3 Dave Hebeda Dave Dilley 33 Luke Armitage Nick Ellis
      4 Steve Kroll Jerry Chwient 34 Bob Fenrich Keith Hanson
      5 Frank Lucido Joe Erkenswick 35 Bernard Loonsfoot Paul Bachta
      6 Dave VanDoorn Arron Zorn 36 Pete Kica Ken Gresen
      7 Ken Miller Dan Koniewicz 37 Kenn Blair Rob Hawbaker
      8 Rich Gallagher Ben Modica 38 Bob Peterson Jeff Stulgin
      9 Hugh Flack Chuck Wiesneth 39 Michael McParlane Kevin Curnow
      10 Greg Wisniewski Mike Herzog 40 Anthony Calandra Karen Calandra
      11 Rich Cain Ethan Cain 41 Walter Kordecki Ted Ziemba Jr.
      12 Joe Wilczewski Ronnie Biesterfeld 42 Alex Stava TBD
      13 Terry Magnusson TBD 43 John Scillufo Linda Misik
      14 Kevin Duffy Tim Ehrhardt 44 David McParlane TBD
      15 Mike Gleason Rob Denkewalter 45 Mark Krause John Gobbo
      16 Russ Boelkow Jay Scarbrough 46 John Korinke Matt Gilge
      17 Joe Kozlowski Jr. Ed Clark 47 Dale Johnson Eric Johnson
      18 Dave Leffelman John Baumstark 48 Randy Lynch Ted Silarski
      19 John Bilka Al Bilka 49 Ronald Highland TBD
      20 Paul Heideman Eric Vizanko 50 Jim Clarke TBD
      21 Eric Stadig Brian Hansas 51 Josh Norwick TBD
      22 Eric Peterson Erica Peterson 52 John Ramsey TBD
      23 Jerry Kropp Andy Jamieson 53 Bill Ramsey TBD
      24 Mike Pierce TBD 54 Jakub Brewer TBD
      25 Mark Steuer Greg Denny 55 Scott Urquhart TBD
      26 Corbin Pennino Doug Pennino 56
      27 Rob Schultze TBD 57
      28 Daniel Borak Tom Wienerowicz 58
      29 Anthony Fazio TBD 59
      30 James Cejna Jeff Gralak 60
      Starting postions are subject to change based on new entries
      from the PO Box and PayPal.




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