Fox Chain NO WAKE. Tournament is still scheduled.

    • May 15, 2018 at 1:14 pm #2727'Dan Koniewicz

      At noon today 5/15/18 the Fox Waterway Agency placed a no wake restriction on the waterway.

      Just an FYI, in the past 48 hours over 2 inches of rain fell in the Fox Chain Drainage area.  The lake have gone approximately 6 inches.

      The weather for the balance of the week is not predicting any additional rain.  So hopefully we will see some stabilization to the water levels.

      So looking at the forecast we will still have the Tournament as planned.  Please allow additional time to get gown to Bluff Lake for the start.

      Please send me a text or call me at 847-682-9238 if you have any questions.



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