2021 FRV Fundraiser

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In March of every year we hold our Annual Banquet at Chandler’s Chop House In Schaumburg. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are unable to have this event in 2021. This is a major resource for us that allows us the money we need to function and operate as a Muskies Inc. Chapter. We use these funds to run our …

2021 Challunge on the Chain – May 15

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We are now accepting entries for the 2021 Challenge on the Chain tournament. Please see the attached flyer and rules documents for more details. https://www.frvmuskie.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2021-Tournament-Flyer-V1.jpg https://www.frvmuskie.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2021-Tournament-Rules.jpg Registration can be completed on this website under the “Shop” page (use the top navigation on the site). If you have any issues, please contact us using the “Contact Us” page and we’ll get …

2020 Stocking Information

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On the morning of October 5th about 25 people, FRV members and other members of the Chain of Lake community gathered to witness and help in the stocking of 535 muskies into Long Lake and Channel Lake. The fish were delivered from Gollon Bait and Fish farm from Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The 9 to 14 inch fingerlings were delivered in perfect …

2020 Stocking Video of Channel Lake & Long Lake

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FRV “The Wall” Raffle 2020

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FRV has been able to obtain 12 different custom Phantom Baits for the Estate of the late Todd Cleveland.  The story is that when Todd created a newly designed Phantom Jerk Bait, he would hold back a single copy of the bait and place it on the wall of his work area.  Each bait that be raffled off is a …

2019 Stocking Update/VIDEO

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Our muskies are about 9″ long and by the end of the month they should be ready to go into the Fox Chain at around 10″ to 12″ fingerlings. Last week of September or the first week in October is the target we are shooting for. I will get a one week notice of delivery. This stocking of approximately 435 …

2020 Multi-Species Contest Form

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For anyone interested in participating in the 2020 multi-species contest, here is a link to the entry form. 2020 MULTI-SPECIES ENTRY FORM These can be emailed to Steve Behrends at stevebehrends@comcast.net Please reach out if there are questions about the contest or issues with the form.

January 2017 Meeting – Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas

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Join us on Wednesday January 4th 2017 when Tony Grant & Gregg Thomas will be talking “Musky Fishing Through the Seasons”! Tony & Gregg will cover spring fishing in KY using casting, trolling and jigging techniques! Tony will also talk about summertime fishing in WI and Gregg will talk summer muskies on Lake St. Clair. Tony will also cover Fall …

December 2016 Meeting – Chas Martin

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On December 14th, Chas Martin will be talking about musky fishing on Three Lakes and Eagle River in Wisconsin, an area he has fished most of his life. He has over a decade of guiding experience and on top of running/owning the Musky Mastery Guide Service, he is also a videographer for the “Fishing with Joe Bucher” TV show! From …