2020 Stocking Information

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On the morning of October 5th about 25 people, FRV members and other members of the Chain of Lake community gathered to witness and help in the stocking of 535 muskies into Long Lake and Channel Lake. The fish were delivered from Gollon Bait and Fish farm from Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The 9 to 14 inch fingerlings were delivered in perfect shape. Healthy and ready to rule the Chain in the future. From my perspective this is one of the most rewarding events that FRV has on the calendar each year. There is a lot of work that is done by many FRV members each year to make this happen. The man in charge of this stocking process / program in Mike Pierce. Mike’s dedication to the program has resulted two years of successful stockings in 2019 and 2020. Mike’s leadership has led to opening another Muskie fishery being established in Long Lake for the future. On a side note this stocking that as far as we know this is the only stocking that will happen in the Chain of Lakes this year. Due to the COVID lock-down in March and April the state of Illinois was not able to raise their normal quantities in 2020. The feel good moments of the stocking happens when you see the kid’s involved in placing the fish into the lake. It was nice to see Robbie “Goose” and the Cammarta boys releasing buckets of fingerlings into the lakes. The best part of the event was watching Steve Walters’s granddaughter Sophia pour buckets into the lake and saying to the fish “Bye bye little fisheyes, swim babies, swim”. he cost of this stocking was $6,150.00 for the 535 fish. The support of the club members and others attending events such as the Annual Banquet and the Challunge on the Chain tournament goes a long way in funding these projects. Thanks again for your support.

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